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Sporting Collectibles by Ward’s Auctions Inc. was founded in 1998 by Eric Ward.

Eric Ward Pres. Started an online hunting & fishing auction house in Salem Oregon, where we auction off 8000 Rare & Important hunting & fishing collectibles every three months.  (Feb., May, Aug. & Nov.) he has lived in Salem for most of his life. We have recently moved the business to downtown Dallas, Oregon. With the new location, Wards was able to open a sporting goods store (that looks as if your walking into a 1900's Winchester Store) that offers firearms, modern and antique ammunition and some of the finest hunting gear (Sitka Gear) there is to offer. The store front is an addition to the online auction that is held 4 times a year (every 3 months). If you are interested in the online auction, go to

Wards Auctions the largest auction house in the world that sells all hunting and fishing collectibles. We auction off each year over 5,000 shot shell boxes, 6,000 .22 boxes, 4,000 rifle/pistol boxes, 3,500 guns, 8,000 single cartridges, 400 decoys, 300 fishing items, 1,200 military ammo boxes, 3,200 books, 800 posters/calendars/die-cuts, and 4,000 miscellaneous items.

If you have a collection you would like us to sell for you please contact us today!  depening on the size we maybe abel to come right to your home & pick it up from you & drive it back here to Oregon & auction it off.

Our Employees

Roseanne Ward:
 Eric’s wife. She does most of the accounting for our business, and she helps with shipping as well as all major business decisions.

Jordan Ward: Eric’s son. He is our operations manager, he wheres many hats & handles our day to day business, he has been working with us from 3rd grade - High school, took some time off for college & has been full time ever scenes.

Corey Creamer: in charge of gun appraisals, discriptions and acquisitions. He has been largely responsible for our big push into the high end gun business.

Eric Slattum: plays a big part in our success and wears many hats from writing up ammo boxes, fishing and military categories, to calculating shipping invoices, checking in consignments and traveling to shows around the country.

Garrett Jones: has been with us for awhile now. He pre-writes our guns, helps with photography, checking in product and soon he will be traveling to shows around the country.

Alyssa McClinton: has been with us for two years now and write up our books & single cartridges, does a lot of our photography, answers phones & e-mails, ships out going orders plus many other jobs.

Will Schaap: is our store front manager & handles all store front decisions, ordering new product, special orders for customers, customer service, background checks not to mention helping out from time to time with the auction.

Logan Creamer: just started with us helping any all aspects for out operations from auction to store front.

Jere and Karen Ward: Eric’s father and mother have helped from the very beginning, with Jere being a big part of the business until recently as he is retired now. They both have been retired for a while now but enjoy coming to the office from time to time to help us with packing or just say hello.

Store Hours

Tuesday - Saturday

9:00 am - 5:00 pm 

Closed Sunday - Monday

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827 Main St. Dallas, OR 97338